John_Winter14Three key issues affect the quality of life in our district: Improving City Services, Revitalizing Neighborhoods, and Supporting Youth, Families, and Seniors.

Improve City Services:

  • Make the 311 System More Responsive: Speed up response times; Prioritize persistent complaints; Require accountability with progress reports from agencies
  • Take Trash off the Streets: Place more trash cans in our neighborhoods to ensure our streets stay clean; Increase trash pick-up and street cleaning
  • Pedestrian Safety: Increasing traffic safety by slowing down cars near schools, churches and parks to make our communities more pedestrian friendly

Neighborhood Revitalization:

  • Housing: Grant community groups the opportunity to rehabilitate vacant properties; Increase taxes and fines on vacant houses and nuisance properties; Beautify our communities by using vacant lots for murals and community gardens
  • Local Business: Reinvigorate empty business corridors by recruiting full service grocery and retail stores; Provide incentives for hiring and training local citizens

Support Youth, Families, and Seniors:

  • Use Public and Private Resources to Improve Our Recreation Centers: Seek an increase in funding and staff for community centers through public and private partnerships; Establishing art, music, dance and computer programs for citizens of all ages; Partner with schools for extended school days and after school programs
  • Protecting Our Community: Make police officers part of the community by participating in neighborhood events and walking our streets; Offers self-defense and awareness classes free of charge to all members of the community; Issue free or discounted cell phones for seniors or home bound residents in the case of emergency

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